The Leintz Family - Fall 2016

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Leintz family. Annika and I met through a mutual friend and neighbor - and I have so enjoyed getting to know her and her beautiful family over the past few years. Annika is such an encourager - on the days that I feel like I'm blogging to an empty room or when I feel like my rambling words on Instagram are lacking clarity, she is always the first to pipe in and say, "yes, I feel that way, too!" She is also my go-to personal shopper. Annika knows the best places to go for any piece of furniture or item of clothing. I've been known to send her an SOS text with something like, "Where can I find turkish towels locally before a photo shoot tomorrow?" Ha! 

12 short months ago, we were photographing Elise's newborn session and now she is ONE! We honored her birthday with some simple, white balloons - which she was THRILLED with. Elise's disposition is a mix of sass, spice and sweetness. As you can see in the photos, she also WORSHIPS her big brother, Owen, and watches his every move. 

It worked out that Annika's parents were in town the weekend of our session. I always love including grandparents in family photos! And of course their dog, Ellie, joined in on the fun. 

Annika was pleasantly surprised when I suggested that we take a few minutes of our session to photograph her with Donny. But I'm so glad we did! Once the kids come along, it's easy to forget to document just the two of you. I think it's safe to say that they still have the spark! 

Happiest of birthdays, Elise! I'm so grateful to have photographed your special family!