Jax Pursley - Newborn Session

Baby Jax reminded me of all the reasons I adore newborns - his tiny fingers and the way he always found a way to bring them to his mouth, his inquisitive eyes memorizing the faces of his family members, and even the way he responded to his big brother Carter's voice with familiarity and comfort. 

Jax's nursery was not only adorable, but it included nods to his family's legacy. The walls were adorned with antlers from his dad's hunting trips on family land - Lauren joked that this was the only context in which she agreed to taxidermy as a part of her home decor - ha! Jax also napped in a beautiful wooden cradle that his dad slept in as a baby. 

Lauren's presence as a mother was marked by gentleness and comfort. Jax may have been brand new, but Lauren's instincts as a mama told her just how to hold, whisper, rock and sway. Little cries quickly transformed into silent slumber. 

Kyle and Lauren - you have the sweetest boys! It was a joy to spend time you in the first days of becoming a family of four!