Elise Leintz - Newborn Session

The Leintz Family welcomed their newest addition, Baby Elise, on October 16th. Have you ever seen a more angelic face? Annika, Donny and Big Brother Owen are smitten with this precious little one. I especially loved watching Owen help give Elise a bottle and read her his favorite book, On The Day You Were Born. It will be so special to watch their sibling bond continue to grow. 

Some families worry about me coming to their home to photograph a newborn session if they do not have a dedicated room set up as a nursery. I'm here to tell you that it's just fine! First off, I don't come to your home with the expectation of it looking like a magazine spread. You have a newborn for goodness sake! Secondly, I am there foremost to document your baby and family. My favorite photographs are not of perfect details - they are of authentic emotions. 

The Leintz Family are in the process of house hunting and moving, so they did not have a room set up for Elise. I photographed 90% of this session in a 6-foot section of their master bedroom with beautiful window light. By incorporating special, sentimental details, we were able to make the session feel personal and intimate. Surrounded by soft florals and her snuggly knit dolls, Elise slept peacefully for much of our session. Elise's classic bassinet is fit for the little princess she is. I can't wait for her to gaze up and focus on the gorgeous details of her flower petal mobile, a gift from a dear friend. 

My hope is that decades from now, when Annika and Donny look back at these photos, that they are flooded with memories of sweet Elise in her earliest days. That the photos will help them remember her favorite swaddling blanket, the way she preferred to keep her hands loose and free, and even the subtle fragrance of Elise's freshly bathed skin. 

Congratulations to the Leintz family!