Lucy Floyd - Newborn Session

Sweet Baby Lucy. I was in heaven during her recent newborn session, admiring her little puckered lips, her tiny toes cradled in her daddy's hands and the adorable way she flails her hands when she becomes startled. 

The Floyd family is so much fun. I have had the pleasure of photographing them several times for mini sessions, but it was such a treat to visit them at home and take my time getting to know them as a new family of five. Lucy is Heidi and Keith's third child and FIRST girl. I'm pretty sure Heidi has lived for this day to adorn her daughter with the softest of delicate blankets, trendy jeggings and of course hair bows! I just love how Heidi's instagram photos of Lucy are accompanied by the hashtags #allthebows and #decoratethebaby. 

Lucy's dad, Keith, is pretty smitten as well - you should see the twinkle in his eye when he holds her. And the tears in Heidi's eyes as she watches her man love on her daughter. I always say that a new baby makes you fall in love all over again with your husband. And then gently remind him to take the trash out, ha! 

Big brothers Grayson (3) and Oliver (2) are equally as excited to welcome their baby sister. Our morning session was filled with singing, squeals of laughter and reminders of what the term "GENTLE!" meant. I have no doubt that Lucy's brothers will serve as her loyal protectors as she grows. 

I'm so glad that we were able to schedule Lucy's newborn session for when her grandma was in town. It is always quite special to capture three generations of daughters. Heidi's mom, Lisa, must surely be up for the grandmother-of-the-year award. When a new grandchild is born, she drops everything and catches the next plane to Charlotte. When she arrives, Lisa jumps right in and serves her family with joy. And boy do her grandchildren love her! 

The more time I spend with Heidi, the more I witness the passion with which she loves her family. Heidi is the type of person who recognizes every good thing in her life as a gift from God. She lives each day to the fullest and pours out love to everyone around her. I don't think I have met a person with a more contagious and light-hearted laugh. Heidi has a real gift for encouragement - she knows how to give genuine compliments and takes the time to notice and praise others. How blessed Lucy is to have such an incredible mama. 

Heidi is also one of my favorite people to deliver photos to. I'm not sure any other client has used emoticons so enthusiastically to describe how looking at her family photos makes her FEEL. And there's no better feeling as a photographer than to help a client celebrate the love they have for their family. 

Welcome to the world, Baby Lucy! You are so cherished.