Price Ogden - Newborn Session

So you may have noticed a trend - all my closest friends are having babies! Now I love ALL babies, but it is extra special to photograph children that I have loved and prayed for long before they were born. Price was one of these babies. 

I'm pretty sure it was my sister, Kristan, who introduced Sarah to me. We all lived in the same neighborhood at the time and sadly, Sarah and I had both experienced miscarriages within a few weeks of one another. Kristan said, "you two should talk..." and talk we did. There is power in shared experience. 

By God's grace, we were both pregnant again within a few months. It was only natural that our girls would become fast friends. Almost 5 years later, we are still neighbors (we both moved to a new neighborhood) and our girls attend the same preschool.

To say it succinctly, Sarah has been a loyal friend to me through the thick of motherhood. She's the friend who comes over in her pajama pants and stirs my sauce on the stove while I'm helping my toddler on the potty. We trade cans of La Croix to determine our favorite flavors. When it's raining and we are losing our minds with cabin fever, we load up all our people in my van and go through the Starbucks drive-through together. We fight like sisters. But "sorry" always shortly follows from our lips. Sarah has stood by me and believed in me while I transformed a little hobby into a fledgling business. 

If I ever went missing, Sarah would be the one to send the search party - she would be the one who noticed that I didn't respond to her text message or phone call because we typically talk approximately 16 times per day. I love how our effortless conversations fluctuate from the meaningful (faith, family, struggles) to the silly (can you believe what happened in that last Scandal episode?). You know what Sarah and I are really good at? Putting together a last-minute dinner by combining ingredients from both of our pantries. Oh who am I kidding, we will still probably tell the hubbies to stop for that last ingredient at the store on the way home. But we WIN because we didn't have to leave the house with toddlers in tow. Sarah has seen me at my best and loved me through the worst. She's got my back. 

Sarah and Baxter longed for a second child. Addison BEGGED for a little brother or sister. It was a long time waiting and praying, but we remained steadfast in hope. Even Anna began praying nightly for her friend Addison to become a big sister. I still remember the morning Sarah called me with the good news. I jumped up and shouted with JOY. I loved seeing the look on Anna's face when I told her that God had answered our prayers! 

Baby Price, you are loved, adored, and well worth the wait! I look forward to the day you come running through the backyard looking for my kids to play. Congratulations to the Ogden Family!