Adele Anne - Newborn Session

Meet the Harrison Family. Trenton, Alison, Big Sister Elise and their newest addition, Baby Adele. 

Alison was a bit worried that we were out of the 7-10 days newborn session window (Adele was almost one month old at the time of our session), but Adele did great! I loved observing how alert and attentive she was to her parents' and sister's voice, responding with soft smiles. After a brief milk break, Adele fell into a deep sleep for the remainder of our time together. 

Because I focus on lifestyle images of the family during newborn sessions, it's not quite as essential that the baby be less than a week old. I'm just so glad that Alison and Trenton will have these images to commemorate this special time as a family. 

I loved getting to know Alison and Trenton and hearing about how they were high school sweethearts. They could finish one another's sentences. Of course I gave them a hard time about the way they also sat the same way with their legs out in the same position. There's something special about couples who have grown up together. 

Alison has such a calm, content presence as a mother. During our session, I witnessed her navigate the demands of a young baby and toddler with such grace and patience. A changed diaper here, a story read there, a snack fetched from the kitchen, an almost tantrum successfully redirected - Alison's got this mom-of-two-under-two thing down! 

Big Sis Elise was overjoyed to welcome baby Adele. She even shared her coveted princesses! I can only imagine the makeup and nail polish these girls will get into together one day...

Congratulations to the Harrison Family!