Briggs Parker - Newborn Session

When I arrived at the Parker's home, it was a balmy 12 degrees outside. Poor Melissa and Justin were on the phone on hold with electricians and the power company because they were without heat in the downstairs and having power issues upstairs. To top it all off, the fire alarm was beeping about every 30 seconds to alert us that the power wasn't connected properly. Not exactly the ideal setting for bringing a newborn home. I can only imagine how sleep deprivation would compound the frustration. Perhaps I was a little too peppy, but I assured Melissa, "I don't need power! I use natural light! As long as we can keep Briggs warm upstairs, we can can do this!" So we proceeded to bundle up, start a fire in the living room (not just for ambience!) and photograph handsome baby Briggs at 14 days new. I was so glad we did. I told Melissa that Briggs must be special because he is my birthday buddy, born on December 21st! 

It was a pleasure getting to know Melissa and Justin - within a few minutes we had determined that we share the same church and many mutual friends. We also connected that Justin works with my sister at the same company. Small world.

I love how Melissa's love for color and pattern comes through in their home, especially in Brigg's nursery design. Can you believe that she painted the wall mural by hand and made the whimsical mobile that hangs over his crib? What a talented mama!

Congratulations to the Parker family!