Phoebe and Matilda - Newborn Session

Phoebe and Matilda have arrived! It's hard to believe that a few short weeks ago I was photographing Tom and Jen's maternity session - my how life has changed. Their family has grown, by DOUBLE! Life may be louder, busier and more demanding, but boy is it sweeter with the addition of their two precious daughters. 

These two were the best little models - I couldn't believe how content they were. Phoebe and Matilda were so happy to have one another to snuggle! One challenge was telling them apart. One brilliant tip to share with other twin mamas: Jen put a little speck of nail polish on the fingernails. This helped her keep track of who still needed to be fed, changed, etc. 

What a joy to photograph my first set of newborn twins. I have a sweet spot in my heart for twin girls. We've been blessed with twins in my own family - I have a set of twin sisters and twin nieces. I've witnessed firsthand the unique connection between twins. My parents often tell me stories about my sisters developing their own "twin language" - from a young age they seemed to communicate to one another without even using words. To this day, even as adults, my twin sisters share a rare, indescribable bond. I look forward to watching Phoebe and Matilda's unique ties of sisterhood unfold as they grow and develop. 

Jen's parents flew across the world to come meet their beautiful granddaughters. What beauty is to be found in love spreading across generations. You could see the pride in their eyes in witnessing their baby girl being transformed by motherhood. 

Tom and Jen might be world travelers, but I think it's safe to say that their most exciting adventure has just begun. Congratulations and all God's blessings to the Guglielmi family!