Charlotte Newborn Photographer | Amelia Lawrence Newborn Session

There's something significant about greeting a new baby during the Christmas season. The hurried preparations and jittery anticipation lead up to the dramatic crescendo - a special celebration made all the sweeter by honoring Christ's birth and the arrival of a new family member.  

When I arrived at the Lawrence family's home on a dreary December morning, I was greeted with the smell of fresh pine, the sounds of scurrying toddler feet, and the keen awareness that there was much to be grateful for. Not only were we celebrating Christmas, but we were celebrating the arrival of their second baby girl, Amelia. Her dark hair and delicate features only add to her beauty.

I have the frequent joy of witnessing older siblings dote on "their babies". But none compares to the enthusiasm of Amelia's beautiful big sister, Charlotte. Charlotte is completely enamored with her new baby sister. I wish I had a video to share of her little hands flapping energetically in the air as Chelsea and Jon placed Amelia in her lap. It was if her body couldn't contain her excitement. A REAL baby. For her to keep. It seems like just yesterday that I was photographing Charlotte's newborn session, and now here she is, in all her glory, thriving as a big sister. You will be relieved to hear that we limited Charlotte's intake of Annie's fruit snacks to the entirely reasonable number of 4.5 during the photo session. It's yet to be determined whether she successfully napped that afternoon - oops!

Chelsea and John are some of the warmest, welcoming people you will ever meet. Upon meeting them, you instantly want to be their friend. I've always secretly wished I possessed their killer dubsmash talent. It's been such fun to document this season of family life with them.

Is there anything better than having two beautiful girls under the Christmas tree this year? As the Lawrence family's christmas card read, "Best. Year. Ever."

Congrats to the Lawrence Family, party of four!

Special thanks to Kymm McLean from Who's The Fairest for providing makeup for Mama.