Charlotte Lifestyle Photographer | Grant Gould: One Year Session

I have a soft spot for December babies. Maybe it has something to do with my December birthday? It's just such a magical time of year.

I just loved celebrating Grant's first birthday with a sentimental, in-home photo session. Grant was surrounded by all his favorite people, toys and comforts. And his smash cake was quite the hit!

At one point during our photo shoot, Grant put his little head down on my shoulder and snuggled me. Now, you all know what a gift that is coming from a busy, on-the-move, typically-scared-of-strangers, one-year-old! Grant's parents, Jen and Matt, jokingly asked if I babysit...for this kid, I would!

I'm so glad that Jen and Matt opted for an-home lifestyle session. Lifestyle sessions are not just for newborns! Have you been wanting some family photos but are delaying due to the dreary and cold weather? I encourage you to consider a lifestyle session in your home! I promise, you don't have to hire an interior designer or a housekeeper before your photo shoot. What's most important is capturing the people you love in what I hope is your safe landing place - home. Another bonus, I often find that children are more laid back and show their authentic personalities when they are in a familiar setting. 

It's been such a treat watching little Grant grow from a baby into toddlerhood. You can see Grant's precious "mommy and me" eight month session here

Happiest of first birthdays to little Grant! And to Jen and Matt - congrats on surviving (and thriving in) your first year of parenthood! Even better days are to come!