September: Goals with Grace

This will be my second month using Lara Casey's power sheets. I am really loving it so far! I'm amazed at how powerful it can be to actually put goals on paper. The simple act of writing them down makes me feel more accountable. I have to admit - many of my goals last month NEVER would have been met if I had not put pen to paper and really examined the "why" behind them. 

A quick look back at August goals: 

  1. Promote and prepare to teach the Mastering Manual course on September 10th. Can't wait to teach a new set of attendees how to use their fancy cameras!
  2. Take back-to-school photos for my kids - so much fun! I know I will treasure these photos when I am old and grey...
  3. Clean out linen closet - I can't believe I actually accomplished this. DONE! Check! Already bringing me so much more peace! I actually decided to clean out the laundry room as well. Now if only I could get a handle on actually folding the laundry...
  4. DATE NIGHT - SO glad we got this on the calendar. Jon and I had a great time and may have overindulged on fried pickles, wings AND ice cream. 
  5. Read a book for pleasure. Check! Read a silly novel for pleasure as well as dove into a 40-day prayer challenge, Draw The Circle.
  6. Host another lemonade stand with the kids. Such a fun memory from this summer. 
  7. Plan a fun activity as a family. Really wanted this to be Panthers Fan Fest but couldn't get tickets. But we did go out to eat at our favorite burger bar as a family - can't get enough of Bad Daddy's!
  8. Organize and make a folder of 2015 personal photos to put in an album. Confession - this did not happen yet. Goals with grace, right? Adding it to September cue. 
  9. Serve my clients with passion, dedication and joy!
  10. Make someone a meal. 
  11. Pray about adoption. I recently pulled an incredible book off our shelves - The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey. I believe someone gave it to Jon years ago and now it has been a blessing to me! It was originally written in 1924 but the words seem SO relevant to me today. Torrey's words have encouraged me to pray more fervently and specifically about God's plans for our family and adoption. Wanted to share some lines I have underlined: "We do not live in a praying age. We live in an age of hustle and bustle, of man's efforts and man's determination, of man's confidence in himself and in his own power to achieve things, an age of human organization, and human machinery and human push, and human scheming, and human achievement...Prayer can do anything that God can do, and as God can do anything, prayer is omnipotent." I don't want to lean on my own strength  - I desperately need God to intervene, provide and equip our family in this journey!

September Goals: 

  1. Honor my Dad's 70th birthday! Looking forward to a special dinner party this weekend to celebrate him. 
  2. Go apple picking! Sky Top Orchard, we are coming for you! 
  3. Set new family rhythms and schedules for fall. With Anna entering kindergarten, David entering preschool and me having some scheduled "office hours" for the first time in 5 years, we are going to have to put some new systems in place to make everything run smoothly. Anyone have any suggestions for helping morning routines go smoothly for the whole family? 
  4. Stay off social media from 2pm - 8pm on school days. This is going to be so hard, ya'll!
  5. Network with other creative entrepreneurs - hoping to join up with The Rising Tide Society for some local events.
  6. Read a new book - so many options here! On my list: The Advantage, Play With Fire, and Present over Perfect What are you all reading? 
  7. Open Registration for Fall Mini Sessions - more info coming soon! So excited!
  8. Teach my second Mastering Manual course! Looking forward to working with a new group of students and empowering them to ditch auto mode and embrace manual mode on their cameras!
  9. Enjoy a date night in on the patio/fire pit with Jon. Looking forward to cooler temps this month!
  10. Get the office under's a hot mess!
  11. Organize 2015 personal photos. First step of getting photos off my hard drives and into photo books! 

What are your goals for the month of September? I would love to encourage one another!