Back to School 2016

Cue all the mixed emotions of excitement, sadness, and pride as I send this sweet girl off for her very first day of kindergarten this morning. 

back to school

Wasn't Anna just born? Didn't we just put together a video of her first year of life? Wasn't she just a toddler who would cry if I left her eyesight? And now she is five years old, fierce and stubborn and kind. I asked her recently about what super power she would want - her answer? Light. I inquired further, "What would the light do?" She answered, "You know, light up the world, like when people are kind, Mama..." Be still me heart. 

And then there is this young chap...

David is entering his first year of preschool this year, and man is he excited! He's driven hundreds of days of carpool, attended numerous class shows and parties, all in support of his big sister. And now it's HIS turn to have his OWN book bag. His OWN lunch box. His OWN teacher and little friends. I can't wait to see him grow and flourish in a classroom setting. One of my favorite things he asks me on a daily basis is "You so proud of me, mama?" Yes, son. So proud. 

So of course all these milestones warrant a photo session! Sometimes I forget how much joy it brings me to photograph my own children. They are my pride and joy. The ones who sparked a passion in me for photography in the first place.

And just a few funny things to note about these photos...

1) Spoiler Alert: These photos were NOT taken in the morning before school. As much as I love authenticity in photos, I also like to take my time and to make the picture-taking process fun for all involved. This session would probably not have been fun and relaxed if I had attempted it in the morning before school! 

2) I fully anticipate my friends and family to make all kinds of fun of me for including the school bus in these photos when as of now, I'm not sending Anna on the bus to school. I fully embrace the over-protective, helicopter mom role and I'm just not ready yet! Give me time, people, she's just my first. But you have to admit the bus is fun in photos, right?

Not sure whether I should go cry in sadness that this day has come or go eat a donut in celebration...perhaps both. With lots of coffee poured over of course.