Scout Robertson - Newborn Session

Oh this sweet baby girl! The Robertson family welcomed their third child, Scout Olivia, on September 2nd. I first met Holly and Josh when they reached out to me about a newborn session for their son, Nash. It's been a pleasure to document this growing family over the past two years! 

My friend, Heidi, (who is Holly's sister) affectionately refers to the Robertson family as the Jollys. What a perfect way to describe this family who is so full of cheer and joy. 

The weeks leading up to Scout's birth were far from uneventful...doctors advised that they move forward with surgery for their son's heart condition. The surgery went well, but after a brief visit home, Nash ended up back in the hospital with an infection. Sweet boy had to spend his second birthday in the hospital. A few days later, big sister Emmy celebrated her fourth birthday. And this was all a few days before Holly's due date! Thank the Lord that Scout decided to arrive a few days late. And what a blessing it is for the Robertson family to finally all be home under one roof as a healthy family of five! 

I loved witnessing Emmy and Nash dote over their new baby sister. Emmy had strong opinions over which bows Scout should wear. She couldn't be more thrilled about having a real live baby doll to care for! Nash was still pondering how he felt about being outnumbered by girls in the house. I love the result of the photo where I asked the big kids, "Where is your sister's nose?" Ha! 

After we photographed the whole family together, Josh took the big kids out for some park time so that I could spend some quiet time photographing Holly and Scout. I know that it is tough on moms bringing a baby home when there are multiple children to care for. Everyone wants your attention, yet you are just SO TIRED and feel like you hardly get the chance to look at your baby. I wanted these photos to celebrate Holly SOAKING up Scout's fleeting newborn days! My prayer is that decades from now, Holly can look back at these photos and be reminded of the way Scout's warm skin felt next to hers, her delicate little fingers, and ultimately the Lord's great protection and provision for her family. 

Blessings to the Jolly, I mean Robertson family!