October Goals

Oh October, it's finally here! And hopefully it will bring some crisp air and pumpkin spiced lattes! Before I share my goals for the month, I want to take a quick look back at September....

We had some unexpected challenges this month which threw a wrench in meeting many goals. Towards the end of the month I shared that I was feeling grumpy, weak and poured out. I opened up my Power Sheets notebook, (the tool I use for goal setting - you can find it here!) fully anticipating to check off NO goals and feel completely defeated. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had still accomplished quite a bit! I was also able to look at the unchecked items, focus on the few that would result in the greatest impact, and forget the rest! I realized how powerful this was - instead of lamenting over what I didn't have time or energy to accomplish, I now I use my goals as targets to work towards. 

Another part I love of the Power Sheets is the gratitude section. Despite the "muck" Jon and I were dealing with in September, I was able to look back and appreciate all the GREAT things that happened last month. 

A quick look back at September Goals: 

  1. Honor my Dad's 70th birthday! I can honestly say this was the highlight of September. My sister Katherine flew in from Indiana and the whole family gathered for a special meal to celebrate my dad. We shared tears and hysterical laughter as we went around and shared memories of my Dad. 
  2. Go apple picking! We loved visiting Sky Top Orchard again this year! Especially the apple donuts! Enjoy some photos below. 
  3. Set new family rhythms and schedules for fall. I think I am finally getting into a groove with packing lunches, protecting office hours, etc! 
  4. Stay off social media from 2pm - 8pm on school days. Hmm...I can't say I have been perfect about this but I am making great progress! 
  5. Network with other creative entrepreneurs - I had the privilege of meeting with another local photographer/designer this month and talk about her budding business. I also was able to hop on a call with my friend and business coach, Cailin McDuff, and talk a bit about her new coaching business. I just love talking with other women who are growing businesses! I'm still hoping to make it to a Tuesdays Together meeting in October. 
  6. Read a new book - so many options here! On my list: The AdvantagePlay With Fire, and Present over Perfect. Yeah, this didn't happen...
  7. Open Registration for Fall Mini Sessions - yay! Sold out in a few hours! 
  8. Teach my second Mastering Manual course! Hooray - I had the best time working with a new group of students and empowering them to ditch auto mode and embrace manual mode on their cameras! Working on a recap blog post to share. 
  9. Enjoy a date night in on the patio/fire pit with Jon. Looking forward to many more..
  10. Get the office under control...it's a hot mess! YES! So glad I tackled this before I enter into the busiest months of the year. 
  11. Organize 2015 personal photos. First step of getting photos off my hard drives and into photo books! Nope - moving this goal to November...

And now for my October Goals: 

  1. Finish 40-Day Prayer Challenge with intention. I highly recommend the book, The Circle Maker! It's really transforming my prayer life! 
  2. Attend our first Supper Club! Oh I'm so excited about this! My friend Jen is starting a supper club after being inspired by Jen Hatmaker's most recent book, For The Love.
  3. Visit the pumpkin patch with the kids. 
  4. Plan and host Fall Mini Sessions. Really excited about the venues for this year...
  5. Volunteer at the Adoption Support Alliance's Fall Photo Fundraiser! I'm really looking forward to photographing families at this event! All ticket proceeds go to help offset the costs for adoptive family counseling. All families are welcome! Consider this your invitation for a fun, family- and pet-friendly event that includes a mini photoshoot with a professional photographer.  Get your holiday photo crossed off your list while raising money to foster thriving forever families. Purchase your ticket here
  6. Plan a family adventure. Perhaps hiking or attend the Renaissance Festival
  7. Cull and organize some personal photos for 2015. 
  8. Read a book for pleasure. 
  9. Network with others in the industry. Hope to attend a Rising Tide Society local meet up this month!
  10. Clean out fridge. The fact that this needs to go on my goal list is telling...
  11. Teach kids a memory verse. Love my friend Rebecca's heart and vision for learning scripture - check out her brand new website, Lumin for free monthly discussion questions and scripture memory verse prints.