Piper Lyman - One Year Session

Cue the confetti - Piper is ONE! I have loved watching this baby girl grow up right before my eyes. Didn't we just photograph her newborn session

It's no wonder that Piper is such a beautiful child - don't Mollie and Grant make the most stunning couple? Only Mollie could show up in unassuming jeans and a tank top and look like a movie star. But I think that what shines even more is this family's deep connection to one another. You can see it in the laughter, the hugs, the silly songs, and the way they catch one another's fall. 

The Lyman family seems to understand that by focusing on the most beautiful, sacred moments of family life in the here and now, they are investing in the future. And I believe that their precious daughter is going to be a world-changer! 

Happiest of birthdays, Piper! Enjoy some highlights from our time together.