Piper Lyman - Newborn Session

It was a crisp fall morning when I arrived at the Lyman home for Baby Piper's newborn session, tall toffee nut latte and grande black americano in hand for the new mom and dad. A sweet kitty greeted me with a yawn at the window of their craftsman bungalow. 

Baby Piper was sweetly snuggled in her mama's arms, nestled in the arm of Mollie's cuddly knit sweater. I'm not sure how Mollie and Grant ever manage to put her down - she's cute as a button and content as can be. 

I was really struck by Mollie's presence as a mother. At the eight-day mark, Mollie didn't talk about the sleep deprivation or the inconveniences associated with recovering from surgery. Instead, she spoke of her gratefulness. She divulged with me, "People had shared with me the beauty of motherhood, but I never realized how incredibly fulfilling being her mama would be." Oh, I wanted to hug her right there. Tell her to bottle that feeling for the hard mama days. And then go home and hug my own babies a little tighter. 

Mollie and Grant expertly utilized a corner of their large master bedroom for Piper's nursery. I loved how they incorporated raw wood, white and hints of gold into the design. Mollie and Grant gave some extra love to a simple and affordable ikea dresser, painting the drawer fronts in a matte white and adorning the drawers with beautiful gold nobs. The thrifted mirror hung above Piper's crib serves as the crown jewel - I loved utilizing it to "frame" Mollie and Grant's faces as they stared down in awe of their precious daughter. 

Congratulations to the Lyman family, party of three! May you cherish these images for decades to come...