The Seaford Family

We affectionately call my sister Kristan's family the "Seaford Seven". Kristan and Brook have quite the lively and vivacious crew! There's Ben (12), Caroline (9), Twins Lauren and Maizie (7) and Jeannie (almost 3!). We met up a few weeks ago for a quick photo session (and dance party of course). 

So I give you one guess as to which song the Seaford kids are dancing to in the photos below...check out these sweet moves! If only I were more gifted in shooting video!

Well if course they were dancing to Watch Me Whip. We are still working on the synchronization part - ha! I'm not ashamed to bring anything out to get those smiles!

Ben is very creative and intelligent - probably too much for his own good. I remember when as a toddler his active imagination would literally keep him up at night. He's a talented basketball player, as well as gifted in singing, dancing and drawing. I just love his sarcastic sense of humor. If he's not outside playing hoops with his buddies, you can usually find him with ear buds listening to music and plotting new places to hide from his four little sisters. 

Ben Seaford

Caroline, the oldest of the girls, has never met a stranger. She's a wonderful, kind friend to many and her smile can light up any room. Caroline is also a great swimmer! She is a voracious reader and day dreamer - I love that her nose is always stuck in a book! Caroline is always willing to help others. 

Caroline Seaford

I think of Lauren as "miss sass". A diva at heart, she has daily beauty routines which include counting her hairbrush strokes and attending to her manicured nails. Lauren also enjoys baking in the kitchen. Lauren is a little spitfire and a fierce friend. She gives the best hugs!

Lauren Seaford

Maizie has a sweet, sensitive heart. She would probably blush just knowing that I was writing a sentence about her. She is very thoughtful and kind. Maizie is a gifted little gymnast. I always love when I have the opportunity to pick her up from gymnastics because I get to see her do cartwheels on the balance beam!

Jeannie, aka "Jean Bean," is a little dear. Nothing makes me feel more loved than when she screams "LaLa!" at the top of her lungs and comes running into my arms for a bear hug. She gets really excited to come to my house because a) she knows I always keep juice in our fridge which she views as a big treat and b) she gets to sleep with a special elephant lovie at my house. My favorite thing she says right now is "sure". Ask her any question - "Are you beautiful, Jeannie?" "Do you love me?" "Do you want to go skydiving?" and she will say "shore" in the cutest voice ever. 

jeannie seaford

Brook and Kristan have always fostered a home of love, laughter and dancing. It's no wonder that my kids LOVE going to visit their cousins. I treasured the five years we lived in the same neighborhood together and am so grateful that we are now only 15 minutes away! What a gift to watch our kids grow up together. 

We always say that God must have some VERY big and exciting plans for Kristan for Him to have saved her life in such a miraculous way. Kristan wants to share her faith-building testimony with others - if you haven't already, I'd love to invite you to visit her website. I know you will enjoy exploring the site, learning more about her story and reading her inspiring, yet witty blog posts. 

Much love to the Seafords!