The Keener Family

I just loved meeting the Keener family last week. Matt, Leslie and their two children Lilly (three) and Max (eight months) were a joy to work with. I'll admit that I was a little intimidated (and a lot honored) when Leslie contacted me to book a fall family session - Leslie and Matt are photographers themselves so I knew the stakes were high! But my nerves disappeared instantly when I met them - Leslie and Matt were so laid back. It really helped that they put their trust in me and were up for any silly antics I suggested. 

Lilly brought equal parts glamour and drama to our session - she happily sang and danced through the woods, throwing colorful leaves like celebratory confetti. Can we talk a minute about Lilly's tulle skirt? Does it come in my size? 

Max was most content in his mama's arms, but he shared some sweet, curious smiles with my lens. He showed off his spunk when he purposefully pulled on big sis's beautiful hair. At eight months, he already knows how to get under Lilly's skin - ha!

Matt and Leslie, thanks so much for entrusting me with the important task of preserving these sweet moments with photographs!