The Muncaster Family - Spring 2015

I'm so grateful for my friend Brandie. I think one of the things I like most about her is her heart for hospitality. She is always inviting others into her home, whether it's neighbors for a cookout, my kids to play in her sandbox or other mommies who are looking for community. I think it's one of the reasons that Brandie has been able to establish such loyal and authentic friendships in the short time that she has lived in North Carolina. Brandie is that friend that shows up with an entire case of La Croix at your doorstep because she knows it's your new favorite. She's also the friend who is real with you about parenting struggles and victories. I feel like we are cheering each other on in this race called motherhood. 

One of my favorite memories about Brandie is from very early on in our friendship - we had only known each other a few months and Brandie had not yet witnessed my sarcasm or silliness. I pulled a little prank on her by finding the most heinous, annoying wind chimes that money could buy - visualize loud, chirping dolphins - and hung it on her front porch when no one was looking. It looked like a cheap souvenir from a street vendor at the beach. So of course Brandie went to work trying to solve the mystery of who would dare vandalize her property by hanging such a tacky chotsky on her porch. And she never suspected me! I think I finally had to hint at it to make her realize it was me. When she started talking about how ugly it was, I told her how it was very special to me because my deceased aunt had made it. You should have seen the look on her face. KIDDING Brandie! She still threatens to get me back...

Brandie and Jay are raising the CUTEST three kids. Peyton (4), Preston (18 months) and Madison (6 months). A few months ago I took some photos of each of them - you can view them here. Now that the weather warmed up, we were able to get the whole family outside! 

Thank you Brandie and Jay for allowing me to document your family!