The Muncaster Family

My good friend Brandie contacted me about helping her with a fun little secret Valentine's Day gift for her husband, Jay. She wanted me to come take photos of her kids so that she could have canvases made for their home. Of course I was in!

We strategically planned our clandestine session for when Jay was out of town. We decided not to brave the arctic air (except for a brief field trip to their porch). Although I shoot 90% of my sessions outdoors, I still think there is something very sweet and intimate about photos taken in one's home. 

Are Brandie and Jay's children not beautiful? 

Meet Madison, two months old. What a doll baby.

I love that we were able to include this beautiful blanket, handmade by Brandie's grandmother. There is a reason that I am not big on bringing a car-full of props with me on shoots - I would much prefer to use items within your home that hold special sentimental significance. 

Baby Madison

Brandie was so funny because she tried to tell me that I was only allowed to take photos of the kids because she hadn't had time to get out of her sweats that afternoon (can I get an "amen" for this super mom of three kiddos under 4?). Well I may have tricked her into the photo above. I just couldn't miss a chance to get a photo of a beautiful mama with her baby. 

Meet 1-year-old Preston. Silly. Goofy. Into everything. Wants so badly to keep up with big brother and his monster trucks. 

Baby Preston
Baby Preston 2

And lastly, meet Peyton, 4 years old. Avid golfer. Has one heck of a throwing arm. Incredibly handsome (pretty sure my Anna has a big crush on him). And knows how to give a lady a compliment. In all seriousness, he will tell me, "Miss Lauren, I like your dress. You look very pretty today." The sweetest. 

Peyton ouside
peyton 2

Thank you Brandie for letting me spend time with your amazing kiddos. I'm still itching to get the whole family outside for a photo session. Is it spring yet?