Spring Mini Sessions - A Sneak Peek

A huge thank you to everyone who came out for Spring Mini Sessions this past Saturday. I was so grateful that the weather cooperated. Who knew that Saturday would be the only day it didn't pour last week?

I came home utterly exhausted after hours on my feet, but completely filled up. I was reminded on Saturday why I love what I do. Photographing families gives me a license to play - to skip rocks, to splash in puddles, to eat popsicles, to dance across fields and to make wishes with dandelions. And even better? These moments aren't lost forever in the vacuum of time. Because we photographed them. And these precious families will have these photographs to look back at decades from now and remember what life was like in the Spring of 2015. 

Here are a few sneak peeks!

Charlotte Family Photographer - Counihan Family
Charlotte Family Photographer - The Smith Family
Charlotte Family Photographer - The Aiken Family
The Musgrave Family_2015-7375.jpg
Charlotte Family Photographer - The DePalma Family
Charlotte Family Photographer - The Kay Family
The Winget Family_2015-7727.jpg