Jacob DiCharry - Newborn Session

What a joy to watch our dear friends Andrew and Michelle walk through the sweet seasons of dating, engagement, marriage, and now the great milestone of parenthood! Now things get real - ha! All joking aside, I have every confidence in them as parents.

Andrew and Michelle love and support one another unconditionally. And fifteen minutes don't pass in their company without the rolling shrills of laughter. Whether they are tackling a diaper blowout or a career change, they are great at reminding one another not to take life too seriously. In the short time since Jacob's arrival, you can already see how his presence has enriched their lives. Each day as a family of three has brought sweet memories and heightened purpose.

I just loved my snuggles with this handsome baby boy. Just look at how captivating his soulful eyes are!

Be sure not to miss the video at the bottom of the post - just scroll down! I have been experimenting with shooting some video during newborn sessions...what do you think? Photography will always be my number one love, but I think the movement and expression captured in video complements the photography session, completing the visual story. I'm so grateful to my husband Jon for doing the editing! He's a master...

You can also view Andrew and Michelle's maternity session here.