My People

It's not often that I'm on the other side of the lens. But gosh am I grateful for my dear friend, Cheyenne, documenting my family a few weeks ago. I love that she captured us just as we are, highly-caffeinated and always laughing at ourselves. I will treasure these photos always, especially as my children are sadly starting to outgrow my lap. 

A few thoughts come to mind as I look at these photos: 

  • I'm really glad that Jon is picking up his guitar again - it reminds me of our dating days
  • Our lovable pup, Bella, loves coffee just as much as we do
  • We are really good at setting marshmallows on fire.
  • I may crave quiet from time to time, but I wouldn't trade this boisterous home of dog barking, stair climbing, and music playing for anything
  • After almost eight years of marriage, I can honestly say I love Jon more now than on our wedding day. I'm so grateful for this life we have together.  

These are my people. There's no place like home.