The Behr Family

Charlotte Family Photography - Behr Family

It's always a treat to photograph the Behr family. Jennifer and Al have three GORGEOUS little girls: Adelaide Sevigne (5) and twins, Evelyn Isla and Estelle Mirais (3). Don't you want Jennifer and Al's help in naming your future children? Such beautiful, original names. And this sweet sister trio (full of life, spunk and barefoot dancing) certainly lives up to their names!

And I'm thrilled to announce...drum roll please: 

Charlotte Family Photography - Behr Family

Yes, the Behr family will be welcoming their FOURTH girl at the end of this year! As the baby of four girls myself, I'm a little partial but I think that this sweet baby girl will serve as the ultimate "cherry on top" to complete their family. I think it's safe to say that Adelaide, Evelyn and Estelle are smitten with the idea of a new addition. And sharing mom's pickles and ice cream of course!

Congratulations to the Behr family, soon-to-be family of SIX!