The Hopkins Family - Fall 2016

Oh, how I love this family. The Hopkins have entrusted me with documenting their family for almost four years now. In fact, I just found a disc with images of six-month-old Andrew circa 2013. Yes, back when I delivered images on a cd - ha! Joy has been such an encouragement to me in my photography journey. She believed in me and my potential back when I was just getting started, and today she continues to celebrate alongside me as my business grows. In turn, I'm incredible proud of her for growing in her own photography skills and capturing her family in the day-to-day moments.  I think Joy might value family photography almost as much as I do!

I met the Hopkins family on a gorgeous, crisp Fall day at sunrise - you see this gorgeous light? Early risers are always rewarded! 

I just love Andrew's curious, adventurous spirit. Give this kid a truck and a bush to make a fort in and he would be content to play (or have his picture taken) for hours. He just celebrated his fourth birthday - fellow mamas, do you not agree that age four is pure magic? I believe it is our rich compensation for navigating (or simply surviving) tantrums at the ages of two and three. 

And Abby is about as joyful and bouncy as the luscious curls framing her face. She recently celebrated her second birthday. When you ask Abby how old she is, she proudly holds up her two pointer fingers and gleefully exclaims, "Two!"

Abby and Andrew's love for one another is just priceless. Can't you just imagine the photo of Abby and Andrew kissing one another popping up in a rehearsal dinner slide show? Many thanks to the Hopkins family, who are always a joy to photograph!

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