The Sobota Family - Spring 2016

I don't know a better way to start off the Spring photography season then with the Sobota family. We documented their beautiful family of four on a private horse farm at sunset. 

We commemorated Evan's first birthday with a simple yellow balloon. I just love the way he peered up at it with curiosity and delight. Evan made us work for those smiles - I think he saved all the laughs for the end of our session, when we let him crawl all over his big sister, Charlie, and give her some "love bites". It was hysterical. I can only imagine what new schemes Evan will develop to pick on his sister as they grow up. 

We may have focused on photos of the kids for this session, but I encouraged Renee and Jeff to get a few photos of just the two of them. I think it's even more important to remember your marriage in these years of parenting little ones. Renee and Jeff couldn't stop laughing when I was taking their photos - what a great testament to the joy in their relationship. 

Many thanks to the Sobota family! I loved getting to know you all.