The Marchena Family

While everyone else is shopping, cleaning, packing and prepping for all things Thanksgiving, I thought I would pop in and share some dreamy family photos. I have SO many gorgeous sessions to share with you from this fall, but the rest will have to wait. For today, enjoy some photos from my session with the beautiful Marchena family!

I was so glad that Meredith reached out to me in October about documenting her loved ones. I loved hearing more about their family and how God delivered two little surprise miracles.

Meredith shared, "We were not supposed to have kids and had settled into happily "doing life" together. I had just turned 40 when BAM...I got pregnant! After the shock and disbelief faded, we felt so honored and blessed that God had sent us a child. Sarah Grace was born in February 2014 and 19 months later, Dianna arrived. We are so thankful for each and every day together. We find beauty in the little things in life and cherish every moment with our girls. Our favorite times are just being together - playing, reading and cuddling."

I also love Meredith's reflections on family:

"'Family' is God's divine plan of experiencing and cultivating unconditional love, joy and grace. To me, becoming a mother has been a tremendous spiritual journey. I have learned to appreciate God's unconditional love for us through loving my girls. My prayer every day is that he enables Paul and I to be the parents we need to be for them."

I can't help but look at these photos and also be struck by the sweet gift found in sisterhood. The love and joy (and the occasional hair pulling, ha!) between Sarah Grace and Dianna Rose was overflowing. 

Many thanks and a blessed holiday season to the Marchena Family!