Piper Ziewacz - Newborn Session

It was such a pleasure spending time with the Ziewacz family and celebrating their newest addition, Baby Piper. Piper was super alert and attentive, responding to her loved ones' voices and caresses. I think her favorite thing was chomping on her daddy's finger. This girl already has her daddy wrapped! 

I loved witnessing Michelle and John love on their kiddos - I arrived a bit before John came home from work. I felt like I got a little peek at the evening routines unique to their family, like the epic, nightly sword battles that take place between John and John, Jr. Or eating dinner around the kitchen island because life is a bit jumbled with the needs of an energetic toddler and a newborn. Or the glass of red wine being poured, signaling the end of a long day. 

I would be remiss to not mention Michelle's impressive swaddling skills. I witnessed her wrap little Piper up in a flash, making her feel secure and warm, while creating the most beautiful little folds and knots in the fabric.  I was taking notes! 

I love that in the summer months I am able to bring little ones outdoors for a few photos. As we began to lose light indoors for Piper's photo session, we decided to bring a wingback chair onto the front porch. Little Piper finally fell into a deep sleep in the summer air and we were able to take some beautiful portraits as the sun set.  

Congratulations to the Ziewacz family!