Blythe Bennett - One Year Session

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was photographing Blythe's newborn session and now she is ONE YEARS OLD! What a joy to see the Bennett family again to celebrate Blythe's birthday and a new little one on the way! That's right, Blythe is going to be a big sister! Couldn't be more thrilled for Richard, Jessica and Blythe to be adding to their family. 

I consider Jessica a client-turned-friend and I so enjoy her company. She's always up to hearing about my crazy photo ideas and humors me when I send her SOS texts for fashion advice. When I sent her a photo of the black and white striped wall, we got right to work scheming up the perfect outfit choices for her family photo session. 

We thought it would be fun to present Blythe with her very first ice cream cone for a birthday treat. And what did she do? Shed tears. Sweet thing has not discovered the pure magic of ice cream yet! No worries, Jessica and Richard happily obliged and helped her finish eating her sprinkled cone. I couldn't help but laugh when Blythe later decided she DID want to eat her mom's cup of ice cream. Of course this was long after the cone had melted and the camera was put away. So funny - makes for a great story!

I loved capturing all of Blythe's many expressions, but I think my favorite is what her parents affectionately call "lizard lips". When Blythe is excited, she sticks out her tongue like a lizard. She will actually make the face on command when her parents call out "lizard lips!" So adorable. We may or may not have screamed out "lizard lips!" when she was crying about the ice cream. 

This month, the Bennett family will be relocating to Tennessee. I will be so sad to see them go! But I am confident that God has great adventures planned for them as a family of four.

Enjoy some highlights from our session together...