Ava Jane - Newborn Session

To say this newborn session is special to me would be a gross understatement. Not only was I documenting a gorgeous couple welcoming home their first child, but I was capturing my best friend of 23 years blossom into a mother.

My sweet friend Darcy lives a few hours away, but the distance has never stopped her from hopping into her car to come meet my children when they were only a few hours old in the hospital. What an honor it was for me to be the one hopping on the interstate this time to go meet her beautiful baby girl, Ava.

I just love that Ava has inherited her mama's enviable eyelashes and her daddy's easygoing disposition. How special to witness and capture Ava's first sponge bath, along with so many doting kisses from mom and dad. I think my favorite part of lifestyle photography is capturing the fleeting, in-between moments: dressing baby after her bath, catching a passing reflection of the family in the gallery wall mirror, eating a hearty vegetable stew and snuggling in bed on a cold January day. 

When you've been friends with someone for 23 years, you share significant childhood memories. We may not have appreciated it then, but Darcy's parents were way ahead of their time. While the rest of us were at home eating chicken nuggets and boxed mac and cheese, Darcy's mom exposed her children to interesting and healthy foods, long before organic was trendy or Whole Foods was a $14 billion company. Their family didn't watch much television - they had far more interesting things to do. Her mom had a brilliant rule that Darcy and her siblings were required to play outside for thirty minutes BEFORE starting their homework. As you can imagine, these small decisions added up over time and helped Darcy grow into the beautiful and bright woman she is today. I may not be as familiar with Kyle's childhood, but judging by the way he turned out, I know his parents must have done quite a few things right as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how they combine the best of their own upbringings to influence Ava's. 

Darcy and Kyle's home served as the perfect backdrop for their session: soothing, neutral colors, cozy textures and natural window light perfectly illuminated this new family of three. 

Congratulations Darcy and Kyle! You two are already the best of parents!