Hilton Head Vacation 2015

We were fortunate enough to escape for a few days over Labor Day to Hilton Head with Jon's family. It was so wonderful to have one last hurrah of summer. It was such good timing - Jon and I had both been working late nights and were running on empty. Our family really needed to get away for some rest and quality time! 

It felt so wonderful to "be off the grid" for a few days. No instagram, no facebook, no photo editing, no to-do lists. Instead I read a novel. I took a nap with David one afternoon. I went for a run in the rain. Didn't care how far or how fast. Jon and I took the kids on bike rides. We ate lots of hush puppies, fresh fish and of course ice cream. 

Just for the record, the photo of Anna and David laughing together on the boardwalk steps? Yeah, they are actually hitting one another. They are sweet like that...

Oh, take me back!