Bryce Bartlett - Newborn Session

Sweet Baby Bryce made a very punctual debut - he was born on August 17th, his due date! Of course Jonathan and Krista welcomed him with open hands and hearts.

Bringing your first baby home is thrilling, exciting, exhausting and emotional all rolled into one - mamas out there, can I get an amen? I remember being so filled with joy and gratefulness when my daughter was born - but for the first few weeks I would have a daily emotional breakdown filled with desperate tears. Usually it occurred at about 9pm and was over something ridiculously silly like having misplaced paperwork from the doctor's office or paranoia about the sound of my baby's breathing - surely her "dinosaur noises" were symptoms of a life threatening disease. My husband, Jon, would gently take Anna from my arms, tuck me in bed and instruct me (in a sweet but stern tone) to "just close my eyes."  

I was struck by the calm, peaceful tone in the Bartlett's home. From Jonathan and Krista's demeanors, you would never know that a small, handsome little baby boy had come into their home, disrupted their sleep and changed their world forever. For the better of course.

I can't wait to watch little Bryce grow and develop. So many important milestones still to come - first smiles, first words, first steps. A heartfelt congratulations to the Bartlett family. May God bless your family!