Jimmy and Katelyn: Engaged

It was a balmy summer night when I met Jimmy and Katelyn for their engagement session. By the end of our time together, they had fed animals, gone bike riding, taken a joy ride in the back of my super cool mini van, gone swimming and danced in the street. I felt like I had made two new friends. Actually, I take that back - it was when Katelyn told me in her first email that they had a dog and a pet PIG that they wanted to incorporate into their session - that was when I knew we would be friends! 

Working with them was a dream because these two were up for anything! Wade into a muddy creek in a dress? Sure! Climb a million steps to get a gorgeous view of the city? Let's do it! I love how they relaxed and put their trust in me. 

From the time you meet them, one can sense this couple's love for one another - Jimmy could hardly take his eyes (and lips) off of his future bride; Katelyn met his every gaze with contagious laughter. At one point in our session I actually had to instruct them to STOP kissing - "Ok, guys, let's get a photo with you NOT kissing..." Oh, how I love young love. 

Jimmy and Katelyn, thank you for allowing me to document such a special time in your lives. Cheers to you all and your upcoming wedding in July 2016!