Charles Bostic Newborn Session

Little Charles. How can so much life and love fit into your little body? You are so adored. And anticipated. And celebrated. I just know that your Grandpa Charles is smiling down on you from heaven with such joy and pride. Your mama misses him so, but every time she looks at you she is reminded of her daddy's best qualities.

Sweet Charles, you come from a heritage of fierce family loyalty and strong marriages. Your parents are following suit and building your family based on the core values of faith, security and laughter. 

Your Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see you grow up into a little boy, running around the house and crashing trucks into one another. To see your unique personality develop...will you be shy and reserved, or life of the party? Will you be easygoing or exhibit a stubborn determination? 

Your sister Ruby thinks you are her doll baby. We just might have to break her of the habit of climbing into your crib, but oh she loves to snuggle you. You two are going to be best buddies and will get into all kind of trouble together...

How great is this vintage abacus that your mommy found for your nursery? Loved being able to display your birth date using the beads (7.8.15).

Thank you to the Bostic Family! May your days be filled with love and many adventures to come...