Baby Sophia: Six Months Old

So I know I'm a little biased, but is my niece, Sophia, not the most beautiful child? Of course I'm not surprised with her gorgeous mommy and handsome daddy. Sophia turned six months old at the end of May - we commemorated the event with a little photo shoot of course. 

Sophia brings such joy to our family. Her little squeals of laughter could turn any frown upside down. Sophia's little spunk and personality is shining through already! Just check out all her different expressions in the photos...I can't wait until she starts talking so we can know everything she is thinking! At six months old, Sophia loves eating puffs, playing peek-a-boo and playing with her cat, Phoebe.

My kids just love their cousin time with Sophia - David calls her "Fia" and constantly asks to hold her. Anna likes to bring her toys, help give her a bottle and cheer her on when she starts doing new things (like crawling!)

Your Auntie LaLa certainly does love you, Sophia! I'm so grateful that you live just down the street so that I can watch you grow up!