Caroline Donlon - Senior Session

It was so very special for me to have the opportunity to photograph Caroline's senior session. I have literally watched Caroline grow up as I started babysitting her when she was only three years old. She has certainly matured into an intelligent and gorgeous young lady.

We were able to reminisce about the little "mock" photo shoot I did years ago of Caroline and her little brother, Matthew, when I was babysitting. At the time, I was only a teenager and had no idea how to use my camera - but I just love looking back and realizing that my interest in photography (and in Caroline as a beautiful subject) actually began many years ago. 

Caroline can be described as ambitious. Determined. Passionate. As Co-President of Myers Park High School's debate team, she travels many weekends to compete. She has been known to call a congresswoman ten times in one week in order to earn a face-to-face meeting! What high schooler do you know that exhibits such tenacity? 

When Caroline shared with me her aspirations to one day work as a congresswoman and live in Georgetown, my first thought was that we had to hop on a plane to Washington, DC for her photo shoot. But then I realized that it was a school night and that perhaps her parents would appreciate us staying local to Charlotte : ) Turns out the queen city has its share of beautiful, neoclassical architecture! I thought it would be a great way to highlight both Caroline's upbringing in Charlotte and bright future in politics. 

Of course we had to end our evening with a quick bite to eat at Caroline's favorite thai restaurant, Basil. Don't think I've tasted a better coconut curry...

Caroline, I'm so proud of the woman you have become! I know that God has great plans for your future.